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Established in 1983, Michael Trayler Designs is a fine furniture and millwork company that works exclusively on high-end residential projects.

Celebrated as one of the finest woodworking shops in North America, we have earned the trust of many industry professionals with our exceptional level of design, detail, and service. We add value throughout the entire process: resolving design problems, obtaining the finest woods and veneers, creating beautiful woodwork, and arranging on time shipping and installation. We strive to meet your individual needs ensuring that you are involved and delighted with the process from start to completion of every project.

Our clients can either select furniture from our product lines or have custom pieces made to meet their specific requirements. Millwork is uniquely crafted for each project to create a specific design and style for each home.

At Michael Trayler Designs we take pride in understanding what designers and architects are trying to achieve. We are able to interpret drawings and sketches and add value through our detailed knowledge of joinery techniques, cabinetmaking, veneer lay-ups, wood finishing and hardware detail. Our capacity to source difficult materials and employ the most skilled craftsmen from around the world is another key factor in our ability to find solutions to the most complex of project problems. This has been a cornerstone in establishing our company as the woodworking shop of choice for our prestigious clients. Every project, whether furniture or millwork, is destined for perfection and brought to life by exquisite materials and craftsmanship.

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